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1st annual Team Atts Reeds Lake TRI

This race is what started Rob to Ironmans. He finished the race with 3 of his friends and and all of his family and friends watching him. He did this TRI 8 months after getting out of brain cancer. EPIC.


Half Ironman

Rob and James first 1/2 ironman. The kids were so little he was in reminnison from the brain cancer. Rob's friend Ryan ran in with James and Rob at the end of the race.


Louisville Ironman

This race was communication of over 1300 days of training. James and Rob did multiple tris and 1/2 Ironmans to get to Louisville in 2018. 4 friends - Shane, Joe, Randy and Seyed did it with them. Family & friends were there to cheer them on. 

Backwoods 10K

This race marks the end of the season each year for Rob. Some many friends so much fun.

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