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The Full Story


Family man. Business executive. Cancer survivor. Ironman. This is the inspirational story of Rob Atteberry.


Two lifeguards first met at one fateful summer at Great Oaks Country Club. Years later, Rob and "Cute Keri" dated and became inseparable. After five years of mixed tapes and amazing dates, he married the cutest, coolest, nicest girl he had ever known. 

Three years into their marriage, Rob and Keri were blessed with their first child - a son, and four years later - a second son. Soon after that, Keri was pregnant AGAIN. The ultrasound technician exhibited a strange reaction to her findings, and Rob and Keri worried that something was wrong. But it was revealed that everything was fine, and there were actually TWO babies in there. 

Rob and Keri were always a team. Keri's dedication to raising four boys allowed Rob to get ahead at work and in life. As one would imagine, life with four boys was always an adventure.


Rob started his career as area sales manager at Elder-Beerman Department Stores. He excelled quickly, and was soon overseeing several managers and a large team of associates. 


When an opportunity arose at Kmart Headquarters as logistics analyst, Rob parlayed his retail knowledge to the distribution side of the business. As his businesses thrived, so did his responsibilities. He began traveling oversees to develop product and create assortments. Due to his keen merchandising insight, Rob had an unprecedented meteoric rise to Vice President and General Merchandise Manager of his division. At only 30 years of age, he became the youngest VP in the history of the company.


With a reputation in the industry for someone who gets things done, Meijer sought Rob to be their Vice President of Merchandising. Rob continues to work with Meijer today.



A nagging sinus problem persisted for Rob for over a year. Despite several ENT doctors, medicines, humidifiers, and countless glasses of water to "stay hydrated," the condition intensified.

During a routine visit to his childhood pediatrician, the doctor remarked that the spot on Rob's nose might be lymphoma.


And it was.

Several rounds of chemotherapy ensued. Unfortunately, since the lymphoma had been undetected for so long, it later spread to his brain. The doctors delivered the news that Rob only had two years to live. Keri and Rob's sister, Cindy, refused to accept that as an outcome.

It was finally University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center that joined in Rob's battle to save his life. 

Today, Rob is a three-time cancer survivor.



After a mentally, emotionally, and physically draining near-death experience, Rob found a goal to measure his progress -  the triathalon.

Rob enlisted the support of a good friend, James Collins, to complete the triathalon alongside him. Stroke by stroke, pedal by pedal, and stride by stride, James proved to be a loyal friend the whole way.

Since his battle with cancer, Rob has completed five half Ironmans, one Ironman, and continues to compete.


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