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GO!GO!GO! Where did it come from...

I frist started to saying GO!GO!GO! to myself at U of M in 2013. Then I said it to the PT group in Clarkston and they said GO!GO!GO! back to me. Then my sons decided to use it as part of Team Atts - GO!GO!GO! Kicking Cancers **s shirts. It soon became part of my everyday. James would sometime get pissed at me when I would say GO!GO!GO! to people in races. Ha!Ha! Reeds Lake TRI puts GO!GO!GO! on there event shirts for the last 3 years. During my 3rd cancer Justin Szerlong put a GO!GO!GO! sign in my lawn letter by letter for 6 weeks . Lastly I say GO!GO!GO! instead of good bye. GO!GO!GO! means the world to me.

oh yea...its the name of the screenplay.


Michelle and Maura in Peru. Favorite picture. Love.

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