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The Story of GO!GO!GO! 

My name is Rob Atteberry.  I am 50 years old and was diagnosed with cancer on my 40th birthday.  The first time it was in my sinus and the second time it was in my brain, and the third time was in my testicles. All of these were diffused large B lymphoma.  At my lowest point, I couldn’t walk, talk, smile, or laugh – I have been through hell and back.  My recovery is due to my family, friends and the Ironman—I set a goal and spent years training to achieve it. 

The doctor predicted I would be dead by July, 2015. I became an Ironman in October, 2018. 

I went from my 1st Life as a executive in retail to 2nd Life with GO!GO!GO!!


I survived with the help of a simple phrase…GO!GO!GO!  My amazing  wife and 4 awesome boys, family, friends, cancer fighters & survivors, University of Michigan doctors, God, work and exercise is why I am ALIVE! I have completed five 1/2 Ironman competitions between 2015-2019 and rocked the full Ironman in Louisville, KY in October, 2018.  

The GO!GO!GO! book was set up for my boys, but then I started swimming, talking, walking and running next thing you know is I did a 1/2 ironman.  This is what GO!GO!GO! is about....

Kicking Cancers A**


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