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Meet Max & Diane Atteberry

My parents. Amazing & Loving. Met at Lake of the Ozarks in the 60's and got married in 1970. Moved to Danville, IL where they had Cindy and I. Dad worked for GM for 41 years, and Mom was a realtor. I swam and Cindy danced. We moved to Rochester, MI, then Defiance, OH and then back to Rochester. Cindy married Paul and had our nephew, Brett and niece, Avery. They live in Clarkston. I married Keri and we had 4 boys. Also live in Clarkston. My parents now live at Lake of the Ozarks for half the year, and Rochester for the other half. Always happy and helpful. Helpful is an understatement when I was going through cancer. Needless to say, I love them with all my heart. 2012 is one of the years the book took place. GO!GO!GO!!



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